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"Dr. Win's product is a revolution in dermatology." - WILLIAM, RENOWNED DERMATOLOGIST

The following are genuine testimonials from medical professionals and patients.

"I continue to use Dr.Win's as my main antifungal in my office. I am happy with the results, as I find it superior to the other prescription and over-the-counter topical options." 
     - LANCE (podiatrist)

"I wanted to drop you a note to express my satisfaction with the efficacy of Dr. Win’s Fungal Nail.

I had a stubborn fungal nail infection which took up residence in my Hallux, and after 4 days of treatment with your product, I noticed that my nail appeared to be improving. To my surprise, when I cleaned under the nail, it looked much clearer, and on its way to normalcy. A few more days of applying the product left my nail looking normal, the fungus was GONE! As I continued to apply the product for another week, it appeared to me that the nail was restored: clear, strong, and smooth.

I have tried many other OTC products, and in my case, none could hold a candle to your product. My opinion is that this product really WORKS. It is very cost effective when compared to other alternatives such as oral medications, laser, or surgical interventions."

     - MELISSA (registered nurse)

"I had nail fungus for many years. My toenails were yellow and very thick. Nothing I tried seemed to help. Then I tried Dr. Win's Fungal Nail and I was pleasantly surprised. My nails are much thinner and actually almost a normal thickness after only a few months. The yellow color is growing out quickly and my toenails are looking healthy. After so many years, it is almost a miracle! I told my husband and he is also using it, with the same great results. Thank you, Dr. Win! 

(Other products I tried caused pain in my cuticles and ingrown toe nails. No pain at all with Dr. Win's product.)"
     - PAT

"Your fungal nail product is the best in the market right now. I’ve tried three or four products on the market, but they didn't work. So when I start using Dr. Win's Fungal Nail Therapy product, I felt that it may be just like the others. However, after 2 weeks I can see a new nail growing. Now two months later, my nail is perfect. 100% like brand new. This product is the best!" 

     - PETER

"I’ve had fungus on my big toes for a long time and was unsure what product to get without having to see a podiatrist. I met Dr. Win and he introduced me to his product, Dr. Win’s Fungal Nail! I have been using it now for about 3 months. I started to notice a huge difference after only 2 weeks both in the discoloration and the thickness of the new growth. The nail grew out rapidly and is ¾ grown out. I can see the new nail is growing stronger and a beautiful white!  It is super easy to use without any fuss! Thank you so much for making such a great product. I will recommend this to everyone!!!"

     - ANN

"I love Dr. Win products. I have had fungus problem on my toes and after using his product in 2 weeks it is almost all gone. I thank God for Dr. Win as he has made me feel younger and beautiful."

     - ROBBIE

"I have been using this product for over a month and the results are amazing. The nails in my toes were hard and yellow in color. Now my nails are healthy looking and the yellow color is gone. I was so impressed with my progress that I purchased it for my friend, who told me she was having problems. She was seeing a podiatrist and was told to take medication. She was opposed to that solution and started using this product. After two weeks she was surprised to see the results. Not only were the nails healthy, but the cuticles were disease free.  I would recommend this product to anyone! It was safe and easy to use."

     - GERI

"I have had a problem with fungus on my toenails for several years. I tried many different products to rid the toenails of the fungus but had no results until I used Dr. Win's product. I now have better looking toe nails and no longer have pain from the nails digging into my skin. The nails are softer, easier to trim, and healthy looking. I can wear sandals again! Thank you Dr. Win!"

     - KAREN

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